Metal Matrix Composite 

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What is Metal Matrix Composite?

When a pure metal is mixed with a strengthening material through a special process it is called ‘Metal Matrix Composite’, or MMC in short.

The process involves heating the two materials together while continuously stirring them at a high enough temperature for the metal to melt while the strengthening material doesn’t. 


Once the composite has a homogeneous dispersal, it can be either casted into its final form, or into a billet that will then be used in a custom built extrusion press. MMC is a cost effective solution to producing materials with enhanced physical properties. This is far less expensive than acquiring and processing metals that have naturally better physical properties.


Pure Metals Used in MMC

Materials used for creating composites

Forms of reinforcing materials


What We Do

Molten Mixers

We custom design and build molten mixers with rapid solidification processes. We will base our designs on your specific metallurgic requirements so that you only get the highest grade composites. 

Custom Extrusion Presses

We produce custom extrusion presses, tailored to MMC requirements. From operation settings to inserted Carbite based dies, we will build an extrusion press to help you produce your unique products. 

Our Proprietary Technologies


Surgeons require steady hands in order to perform delicate operations, and extrusion presses require a steady body to produce consistently precise profiles. Thus we have developed our proprietary X-Guide technology. Through the X-Guide technology we can secure a virtually deviation free moving plate that pushes the billet forward. 

Adaptive Calibration

While the mechanics of our extrusion presses alone give them a high-precision capability, our software really takes it to the next level and surpasses our competitors. 

Our Adaptive Calibration learns on the go from each operation. We feed readings back into the system in order to cater for any deviations and course correct. 

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Metal Matrix Composite Solutions

PRIZMA Engineering offers entire Metal Matrix Composite production solutions. From molten mixers to custom extrusion presses, or professional consultation. We will help you achieve your goal.

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